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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Hampton City Council Regular Meeting Minutes for July 14, 2020

The Hampton City Council met on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at the Hampton City Hall for the regular scheduled meeting. Present were Mayor Knetter; Council Members Kati Evertz-Garcia, Victor Anderson, and David Luhring. Council Member Anthony Verch was absent. Also present was Cory Bienfang, City Engineer; Kori Land, City Attorney; and Marlin Reinardy, Water and Sewer Superintendent.

Regular Meeting called to Order - Mayor Knetter called the Regular Scheduled Meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Disclosure of Interest – None.

Approval of June 9, 2020 Regular Scheduled Meeting Minutes – Motion by Evertz-Garcia seconded by Anderson to approve the June 9, 2020 Regular Scheduled Meeting Minutes. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0.

Approval of Disbursements – Motion by Luhring seconded by Anderson to approve the July disbursements. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0.

Public Comment – None.

Petitions, Requests, and Communications

City Council agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. for a special meeting to review the budget before the regular scheduled meeting on August 4 ̧ 2020.

Ordinances and Resolutions

Resolution 2020-04 Appointing Election Judges-
Motion by Luhring seconded by Evertz-Garcia to approve Resolution 2020-04 Appointing Election Judges. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0. All voted in favor.

Reports of Officers, Boards, and Committees

Engineer Report – Cory Bienfang, City Engineer felt that the 2019 Street Project was well done and as it was completed requested that the Council approve Resolution 2020-05 Accepting Work. Knetter confirmed that the trace wire had been tested for successful locates. Motion by Evertz-Garcia seconded by Luhring to approve Resolution 2020-05 Accepting Work. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0.

Water / Sewer Report – Marlin Reinardy, Water and Sewer Superintendent said that the copper / lead testing samples had been submitted and the weeds at the ponds were to be sprayed this week as well as continuing the sludge treatment.

Park Report – Evertz-Garcia requested additional chips be brought in for the FESBA park and said that she would be checking on any needed improvement in the median of the Heights of Hampton.

Street Report – Luhring explained that RCM had done a great job on the spray patching and requested the City Clerk work with Marlin Reinardy on obtaining crushed rock for the city alleys.

Unfinished Business 

City Ordinance Violation – Enforcement – Luhring confirmed that three letters would be sent to residents in violation of city ordinances and then be forwarded to the Attorney. Knetter recommended any items come before the Council before the City Attorney be involved. Kori Land, Attorney reminded the Council that anyone making a complaint needed to be anonymous as it would be private data and could not be disclosed. Land also mentioned that she would review any ordinance violations sent her way before prosecution. Evertz-Garcia suggested any letters sent out be copied to the Council.

Food Trucks within City Limits – Knetter explained that the current ordinance does not state whether food trucks are specifically banned or allowed within the City. Kori Land, City Attorney said that some cities prepare detailed ordinances on the subject and others don’t if there are no issues. Land commented that they are popular and do have certain State regulations to follow such as licensing and are prohibited to occupy the same spot for more than 21 days in a row. Council felt that as long as they followed State requirements, they could allow food trucks but would consider a more strict ordinance if the subject would become a problem.

New Business

Discussion of Culvert on Doffing – Tom Fluegal said that he was told he would be getting a culvert and that he and his neighbor paid to move a fence to make the area more accessible for the work and as no culvert was installed was requesting his money back. Fluegal commented that Council Member Luhring was present during the meeting with the City Engineer. Luhring explained that Bienfang had only said that he would be checking into the possibility and at the next meeting, Council had agreed not to move forward with any culvert installation on private property. Cory Bienfang, City Engineer said that he had checked on the grading when the home was built and felt the swale needed to be graded and a fence had to be moved to do so. That was completed and a culvert installation was never promised but did mention a possible cost participation. The Council had not been in favor of that. Bienfang commented that he had no knowledge of any payments being made to move the fence. Council confirmed that most of those decisions were between the homeowner and builder / contractor, not the City.

Warweg Settlement Agreement – Kori Land, City Attorney stated that there had been two appeals to the 2019 Street Project assessments, one being the Warweg property between Lincoln and Park and that Warweg owned land along the old railroad. Land said that a portion of Main Street was built outside of ROW which was fine from a city standpoint but it would be better to clean up the property lines when possible. If the City would reduce the assessment by 20%, Warweg would agree to grant easement all along his property with the understanding the tax parcel could be split and the recently improved portion could be rezoned to single family residential to make things easier for developing and also bring zoning into conformity with the updated Comprehensive Plan. Knetter mentioned that the easement would also assist in needed water drainage. Motion by Evertz-Garcia seconded by Luhring to approve the settlement. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0.

City Treasurer Resignation – Knetter said that as Chris Meyer was resigning as City Treasurer he had offered to stay on for training through the end of the budget cycle and end of the year duties if the Council would prefer. Luhring suggested requesting an updated resignation stating so to be approved at next month’s meeting.

Hire of City Treasurer – Knetter explained that he and Luhring had interviewed Judy O’Brien for the Deputy Clerk position and as she had the accounting experience and was interested in taking on the Treasurer duties as well, felt that she would be a good fit for the position. Council felt that $20.00 an hour with a review in six months would be appropriate. Motion by Luhring seconded by Anderson to hire Judy O’Brien as Treasurer as of August 1 and update all signature cards to reflect the change. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0.

Approval of Covid-19 Preparedness Plan – Motion by Luhring seconded by Anderson to approve the Covid-19 Preparedness Plan. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0.

Adjournment - Motion by Luhring seconded by Knetter to adjourn the meeting. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0. The meeting adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Wendy Carpenter