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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hampton City Council Regular Meeting Minutes for April 11, 2017

The Hampton City Council met on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at the Hampton City Hall for the regular scheduled meeting. Present were Mayor Knetter; Council Members David Luhring, Jerry Huddleston, Victor Anderson, and Kati Evertz-Garcia. Also present was Cory Bienfang, City Engineer; Marlin Reinardy, Water and Sewer Superintendent; and Tracy Reimann, City Rental Inspector. 

Regular Meeting Called to Order - Mayor Knetter called the Regular Scheduled Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

Disclosure of Interest – Victor Anderson stated that he would abstain from voting on the variance request as it pertained to his property. 

Approval of March 14, 2017 Regular Scheduled Meeting Minutes – Motion by Luhring seconded by Huddleston to approve the March 14, 2017 Regular Scheduled Meeting Minutes. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 5:0. 

Approval of Disbursements – Motion by Evertz-Garcia seconded by Luhring to approve the April disbursements. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 5:0. 

Public Comment – None. 

Petitions, Requests, and Communications - 
Luhring explained that the Planning Commission had received an updated proposal from Sambatek in regards to the Comprehensive Plan update and stated that there was a cost not to exceed $23,000.00. Knetter requested that the proposal be provided to the Council at the next meeting. 

Ordinances and Resolutions
Resolution 2017-05 – Approving Anderson Variance 
Knetter thanked the Planning Commission for providing all the documentation and holding the public hearing. Motion by Huddleston seconded by Evertz-Garcia to approve Resolution 2017-05 to allow Anderson a setback variance for a garage. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 4:0. Anderson abstained from voting. 

Reports of Officers, Boards, and Committees 
Engineer Report – Cory Bienfang, City Engineer said that the GIS training had gone well and that the Water and Sewer Staff had the opportunity to go through the updated software which is now accessible from mobile devices. Bienfang provided a document to the Council that he plans to share with builders during the permit process of new construction to ensure that erosion control inspections and grading reviews are completed in a timely manner. Survey requirements will show that grading has been done appropriately and account for drainage. Anderson requested that Bienfang inspect his site when he gets to that point of his garage construction. Knetter confirmed with Cory that proper fees were set in place. The City Engineer explained that he had received three quotes for seal coating of the Water / Main Street area and that two of them were complete. Cory recommended going with the lower of the two quotes which was submitted by Astec in the amount of $14,000.00. Motion by Luhring seconded by Knetter to award the seal coating to Astec. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 5:0. Bienfang stated that he planned to have information at the next meeting on the bidding process for the Highway 50 Water Main Upgrade Project and the Council could then award the project in June. Knetter felt comfortable with Cory working with Marlin Reinardy on preparing the scope and then moving forward with collecting quotes so that the Council could award the project at the May meeting. Council agreed to allow Bienfang to proceed. 

Water / Sewer Report – Marlin Reinardy, Water and Sewer Superintendent said that he planned to work with Josh Dixon on the discharge starting approximately May 1. Marlin commented that the GIS software improvements should be an asset to the City.  Reinardy confirmed that the Water Supply Plan was being addressed in the Comprehensive Plan update as the MRWA was no longer allowed to assist the City in planning since the population of Hampton was over 500. Bienfang explained that one plan is included in the update requirement and a very similar plan is required by the DNR and that Bolton and Menk would be willing to assist where needed. Reinardy mentioned that the Wellhead Protection Plan is coming due about the same time. Marlin said that it had been a busier month than normal as there was more locating required as well as two power outages that needed to be dealt with and stated that flushing / chlorinating would be taking place April 25-28. 

Park Report – Evertz-Garcia said that a portion of the netting on the fence by the baseball field needed to be replaced. Knetter mentioned that a resident had requested a pickle ball court be installed at the tennis courts and as there were two cracks that needed to be addressed; perhaps the Council could take a look at options available. 

Street Report - Luhring stated that the City Clerk would be working with RCM to schedule the spray patching needed within the City and confirmed that the spring street sweeping had been completed. 

Unfinished Business – 
City Logo - The City Council discussed options for a new city logo. Motion by Luhring seconded by Evertz-Garcia to approve and copyright the City’s previous logo with the “proud past” verbiage. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 5:0. 

On-Line Utility Payments - Wendy Carpenter, City Clerk explained that she was researching GovPayNet as it was an option that would not incur the City any fees and confirmed that she and the City Treasurer would continue to look at what was available and a good fit for the City. 

City Festival - Knetter said that he had spoke with the Fire Department in regards to partnering with the City on an event, perhaps something similar to the previous fall burger festival and that a member of the Department had offered to supply music. The Council agreed to continue to look for interest in residents forming a committee and hoped to be able to hold something yet this year even if it was small, and then build off the event for next year. 

New Business - Pete Schaffer requested the Council allow Werner to speak first on the rental ordinance. Jeanne Werner stated that her husband, Jeff, had asked some questions at the February Council meeting and thought that the issue would be addressed at the March meeting but it wasn’t so she had requested additional information and meeting minutes from the City Clerk and inquired what makes up a safety ordinance. Werner went over the previous minutes and said Ordinance 1063 was discussed and questioned if it had been published as it was a legal requirement and asked why the Council at that time wouldn’t have wanted to obtain more public input. Jeanne inquired what type of license the Rental Inspector held. Tracy Reimann with MnSPECT stated that no specific license was required to be an inspector. Evertz-Garcia confirmed that the State does not issue inspector licenses. Werner questioned insurance policies and said that neither the landlords nor tenants present wanted to keep the ordinance in place. Knetter clarified that the Council did not approve the current ordinance for monetary gain as most of the rental fee went to pay for the inspection. Jeanne requested the City Clerk provide the rental checklist. Huddleston stated that as elected officials, they were obligated to uphold the Code of Ordinances. Evertz-Garcia explained that the ordinance was set in place to protect the landlord’s property investment as well as the tenant’s rights. Knetter said that Ordinance 1063 would be researched and the publication and validity would be addressed and if Werner wanted to challenge the ordinance after, he welcomed and encouraged public input when they were in compliance. Knetter confirmed that the City Attorney would provide the position of validity in regards to the rental ordinance. The Deputy Sheriff addressed the City Council and mentioned that there had been some mail theft in the area. Pete Schaffer spoke on concerns with the City Rental Inspector not holding any specific license but still having more say on rentals than the CDA and recommended placing a moratorium on the ordinance. Evertz-Garcia suggested that Schaffer provide some type of checklist and proof of what the CDA inspected and approved. Pete also questioned the publication of Ordinance 1063. Knetter reassured Schaffer that the publication and validity of the ordinance would be addressed. 

Award Mowing / Weed Control Contracts - Huddleston pointed out that two of the three quotes received for the maintenance contracts were able to provide both services needed, which was preferred. Motion by Huddleston seconded by Evertz-Garcia to award the Mowing and Weed Control contracts to the lowest quote, Ottomatic Lawn Care. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 5:0. 

Adjournment - Motion by Luhring seconded by Huddleston to adjourn the meeting. All voted in favor. None opposed. Motion passed 5:0. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. 
Respectfully submitted,  Wendy Carpenter